Clean Comedy 

I love funny! I love comedy! I love laughing! However, I stray away from dirty jokes, profuse cursing, and other mature content. Why? Because I am pursuing a pure life and do not need certain content feeding into my spirit. Ever heard the comments about children and violent video games? Well, I like to use that analogy about what I see and hear. I have to watch it. 

As I digress, when I heard of this opportunity to hear clean comedy by David Mann (Mr. Brown from “Meet the Browns”) from Kingdom Promotions, I had to hop on it! On Georgia Tech’s campus at $30 a ticket, I would say that’s worth checking out. And I am glad I did!!!  For one, they started on time (I’m a stickler for time). I laughed from beginning to end. Outside of David Mann, there were two opening acts and one host (who was so hilarious that I wanted him to have his own act). 

The topics ranged from stinking breath, catching the Holy Ghost at church, to shuffling with bad kids. Those closer to the stage, which is a brave move during a comedy show, had a chance to participate in some of the acts. 

If David Mann, or Kingdom Promotions, were to do another show in Atlanta, I would go. The only complaint was the over 20 minute wait to exit Ga Tech’s parking deck. Obviously someone didn’t get the memo to leave the gate open for cars to exit after the show. 


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