The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

“It’s been a long, long time coming

But I know a change gonna come

Oh, yes it will” – Sam Cooke


Hello All!! I am back! I do apologize for the hiatus – but let’s get right into it.

Today, yes today (fresh off the press) – I visited The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, which is in the heart of downtown Atlanta. I paid a flat rate of $10 for parking in the garage directly across from the Center.

This is a museum I highly recommend all to visit. It provides a great summary of past and present America. And it extends to an international standpoint as well – showcasing how other countries too struggle with civil and human rights.

As one video/picture room  detailed:

“You have to be your own Gandhi; you have to be your own King!”

“We are sisters and brothers; now it’s TIME TO SPEAK UP!”

There was even a map indicating which countries are politically free to speak, which ones can speak but with restrictions, and which ones are 100% constrained.

This museum was thought provoking and eye opening – my review is not doing it any justice. The history is so rich! We as a people, as a nation, have truly come a long way. However, the work is not complete. We still must fight; we still must carry on; we must speak for those who have no voice.

Visiting the Center made me realize that my history, black history, is not the only history of those who have or have had to fight for their rights. There are groups – in other countries who are still fighting. It is my job to not only educate but advocate for those who still struggle.

I will leave you with a few pictures…img_4395img_4398

This photo was interesting, considering I am a Georgia native. To know that 4 years ago, there was still social segregation in Georgia.


Mark 12:31 – Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these. (NIV)


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