Eating Through Chattanooga, TN

I traveled a whole two hours for a weekend getaway to Chattanooga, TN. This was a weekend getaway planned well over 6 months in advance, but nothing ever goes as planned. Does it? Especially when your activities are weather permitting.

Friday evening, my sister and I headed north to Chattanooga for our yearly sister getaway. Last year was Savannah, GA. When traveling, I like to eat like the locals but explore like the tourist – which is exactly what we did.

Upon arriving to Chattanooga, we headed straight to Hennen’s, a downtown restaurant. The atmosphere was romantic and the food was exceptional! I even saw a reality TV star with her family, but because I believe in discretion and privacy – I opted not to introduce myself. After all, she too came from Atlanta & I am sure it was to getaway from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. At the restaurant, I had the trout with lentil beans, accompanied with grilled asparagus while my sister had the daily fish special – halibut with risotto. My lentil beans tasted like some good ole southern mashed potatoes leaving me speechless. This was of course after my salmon dip appetizer- a resemblance of tuna salad.

After dinner, we drove 10 minutes to our AirBnB. It was my first time staying at an AirBnB, but I wanted to save money. All I am going to say about my stay is I have deep second thoughts about staying at someone’s house vs. a hotel. I’d rather stay at a hotel, but we shall see.

That Saturday we heads to Cracker Barrel (a favorite of my sister’s) and discussed the day’s plan because it was suppose to rain. However, at 9am that morning rain was no longer on the agenda so we headed to Chattanooga Zoo, or Chattazooga, as one advertisement put it. I wanted to ride a camel, but that wouldn’t be available until 11am so we left and headed to the Hunter Museum of American Art with time to spare before it opened. We stopped by Rembrandt Coffee where I purchased a house coffee with a no sugar added caramel flavor. It was divine! I sipped on that as we walked across the glass bridge admiring the walk-ability of the city.

Hunter Museum overlooking Ruth S. and A. William Holmberg Pedestrian Bridge
At 10am we checked into the museum and admired the art & history of the place. I love learning while on trips (so does my sister – we have the same taste in vacation activities, thankfully). The museum was very interesting; I learned a lot about art history, which is largely dependent upon culture and current events.

We were still full from our morning breakfast, but I had to stop by The Local Juicery + Kitchen after reading such great reviews on Yelp. I enjoyed a green smoothie and my sister enjoyed her fruit smoothie as we sat at the “bar”. I also purchased a cleansing juice, which later proved to be just as delightful and tasty as its counterpart. If ever in Chattanooga again, I’ll make sure I stop there. It was just that good!

The Green Mango Smoothie & Charcoal Lemonade
We then headed to Bessie Smith Cultural Center for $7. I like visiting civil rights museums, but as the name states – this is no museum. It was very small and charging anything over $7 would’ve been ridiculous. There was only a small portion about Bessie Smith while the other part of the center was more so local black history. By the time we finished the tour, we were pooped and decided to head back to our weekend home. I took a nap (after eating my leftover salmon dip). It was just what I need to recharge.

Painted trees outside of the Bessie Smith Center
At 6pm, we headed to the Community Pie, a pizza place with great reviews! So great that we waited 45min before being seated. But once seated, I enjoyed a kale salad with a vinegar fruit juice and a Neapolitan style pizza. We were stuffed! And that was our night.

The next morning, we headed to Aretha Frankensteins to enjoy breakfast before our trip to Ruby Falls. The decor looked like a college dorm/rock band home/over-dressed museum all in one. We even sat at an old PAC-man game table, which left me uncomfortable. However, the food did not disappoint! I had the biggest, fluffiest pancakes ever! I still dream about it.

While headed to Ruby Falls, we reminisced on our childhood. Ruby Falls is such a beautiful place and its history is unbelievable – including the story of the man who discovered it and his 17hour journey under such confined space. After Ruby Falls, we headed home – with our sister trip memories forever embedded in our hearts.


What travel memories are you looking forward to?

1 Thessalonians 5:11 – Therefore, encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing. (NASB)


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