Goin’ Loco for Goin’ Coastal

Located in the heart of Virginia Highlands, Goin’ Coastal offers fresh seafood – which provides an ever revolving menu. There is no way to tell which fish might be in for that day – as our waiter said that there is about 48 hours hold to our table from the place the fish is caught. How awesome is that!

For an appetizer, we chose the fried calamari. At some restaurants, which shall remain nameless, I question the authenticity of the calamari. But not here! I chose the steelhead trout, which resembles salmon in its look and taste. I chose the Goin’ Coastal flavor to get an idea of their house seasoning. I loved it, along with their special “tarter saucegoin coastal“. For my side, I chose the chipotle collard greens, which was pipping hot with flavor!

I also tasted the fried shrimp. – It was at that moment that I knew this place truly had fresh seafood. I have never in my life had a shrimp taste so good and so fresh! As I type this, I am drooling at how amazing the shrimp was. I also tasted the fried cod. Let me repeat – this place is fresh! When you eat fried food here, you do not get that taste of regret (heaviness and a clogged throat from the grease). This fried food allows you to taste the crispness of it being fried without cheating you from the freshness of the fish.

Goin’ Coastal is very deserving of an A+. In fact, I am now considering that my go-to place for any time I have a seafood craving. I just have to fight for parking – but good food is well worth the fight – right?


Proverbs 2:6 – For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding. (NIV)


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